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Only visitors with a valid ticket for the specific date are allowed entrance to the venue.

We recommend buying tickets in advance. Pre-sale is provided by Goout, Ticketportal, Ticket stream. In case of problems with tickets, please contact their hotline directly. You can find more information on their website.

Tickets can also be purchased on the site on the day of the performance (if not sold out)

Tickets are sold for free sitting in individual sectors. General admission is the same for adults, reduced admission for people under 12 years of age, seniors and ZTP, ZTP / P.

Our show is suitable for children from 3 years of age. Visitors under the age of 15 will be allowed to enter the venue accompanied by a legal representative with a separate valid ticket.

Senior discount is available for customers 60+.

The ticket price for ZTP/P card holders also includes entry for an accompanying person, who no longer has to buy their own ticket.

Subject to change.

The Magical Fountain is a show for all ages, but with regard to the effects and the time of the show, carefully consider visiting with children under 3 years of age. Visitors under the age of 15 will be allowed to enter the venue accompanied by a legal representative with a separate valid ticket.

ZTP – barrier-free access
The auditorium of the Křižík Fountain area is accessible to wheelchair users and also has toilets and sanitary facilities for visitors with health limitations.

Warning – Restrictions
The show contains flashing light effects.
There is a strict ban on entering the area with animals.

Venue, seating and how to best enjoy the show

August performances start at 9:00 pm.

As the spectacular Magic Fountain show takes place in the open air, it may happen that the planned start of the show is moved by 10-20 minutes. due to waiting for darkness. Our staff will inform you about this fact.

Inside the area there are toilets and several stands with refreshments that you can use during this time.
Thank you for your understanding and we hope that you will enjoy the show.

All seating in the complex is for the sitting. The auditorium is divided into two stands and three sectors near the stage. Seating is without numbering, so it’s up to you where you sit.

Every viewer has different preferences, someone prefers to watch the whole scene from a vantage point and someone else likes to be in the first rows.

The area is always open for spectators with a valid ticket 90 minutes before the scheduled start of the show, so there is plenty of time to try different places and decide where to settle.

The front rows in close proximity to the stage are without a roof. So if you want to sit as close as possible, we recommend taking a raincoat with you in case of bad weather.

Please note that if you wish to hide under an umbrella, you may block the view of other spectators. In this case, our staff will ask you to fold your umbrella or help you find another place.

You can only enter the Křižík fountain area with a valid ticket for a specific day. The area is always open for spectators 90 minutes before the scheduled start of the show.

The area is outdoor. We recommend that you bring adequate clothing according to the current weather. Half of the Fountain are has seating under the roof.

Entrance to the premises is possible for:

  • all persons with a valid ticket entering through the main entrance via the ticket office
  • visitors under the age of 12 accompanied by a legal representative with a separate valid ticket
  • spectators using compensatory aids, wheelchairs, medical aids or strollers – entrance to the area and toilets are barrier-free and our staff will be happy to help you with seating or assistance
  • spectators with a ZTP/P card, when the same ticket also applies to an escort

Entry to the premises is not permitted for:

  • any animals (with regard to the safety of other spectators and the animals themselves), not allowing you entry with an animal does not give you the right to a refund of the entrance fee
  • persons showing signs of intoxication, the influence of narcotic substances, aggressiveness, or persons whose behavior threatens or annoys other spectators – the organizer reserves the right not to admit such spectators or to expel them during the performance, without compensation
  • any objects threatening or limiting the health or safety of the entire performance, such as weapons, pyrotechnics, chemicals, etc. – the organizer reserves the right not to admit such spectators or to expel them from the premises, without compensation

Unfortunately, the Křižík Fountain no longer has permanent performances and shows. It can therefore only be seen in action as part of our Magic Fountain show or as part of private productions.

About the Magical Fountain show

The Magical Fountainis an evening open-air show performed on a beautiful venue of the Křižík’s Light Fountain. This 75min. long show is loosely inspired by the life and vision of famous Czech inventor František Křižík.

The entire performance is based on the principles of the new circus. So it doesn’t matter what language you speak. Every visitor will enjoy the evening!

The producer is a Czech artistic groupPyroterra. The spectacular open-air show combines state-of-the-art technological effects with the monumental work of the Czech inventor František Křižík. An elemental combination of fire and water together with the electrifying performances of light dancers and fire acrobats.

Magical FountainreturnsKřižík Fountain to cultural life and events with the ambition to be recognized around the world.

Křižík’s light fountain is a timeless work of the Czech inventor František Křižík, first presented to the public on May 24, 1891.. Today’s appearance is based on the reconstruction in 1991. The magical play of lights is possible thanks to 1,300 different lights. One of the most remarkable sites of the Výstaviště Praha Holešovice is still amongst the popular attractions of the capital city. In the previous years, it was closed due to technical problems.

The Czech visionary was born in 1847 to a poor family in Pošumaví. Despite the lack of finances, he was accepted to study technology in Prague thanks to his talent. He celebrated a huge success with an improved arched lamp, thanks to which he lit up the city Písek and Jindřichův Hradec. He founded the first municipal power plant on the Czech land in Žižkov.
In 1891, he supplied complete lighting for the Jubilee Provincial Exhibition in Prague and ceremoniously opened the sensation of his time – the tram line in Letná.. However, his immortal glory was secured by a light fountain at the Výstaviště Praha Holešovice, first presented on the same occasion.


The performance takes place in any weather (due to its difficulty, it is not possible to move the performance).
In case of rain, two thirds of the venue are under the roof. Raincoats are recommended.

Bad weather

  • the performance is not canceled even in case of a negative weather forecast
  • the cancellation of the performance is decided upon at the time of the scheduled start of the performance at the earliest
  • if it rains at the start of the performance, the organizer reserves the right to postpone the start of the performance
  • the performance can start and take place in bad weather (e.g. in the rain)
  • the performance can be interrupted (even repeatedly) and then continued
  • hot summer days can be followed by cool summer evenings, so it’s a good idea to wear warm clothes and suitable footwear
  • it is possible to use umbrellas during the performance, but only in places where they will not obstruct the view of other spectators
    in the venue, there is a reserve capacity of additional covered seating (side stands), which may not, however, correspond to the ideal quality of the view
  • in the event that umbrellas obstruct the view, the organizer reserves the right to prohibit the use of umbrellas by visitors and propose an alternative solution (e.g. moving to a covered grandstand)

How to find us

Public transport
In Prague, there are three ways to get to Výstaviště Praha Holešovice, by metro “C” (red line), tram, or if you are an adventurer and want to see more of the city, you can walk (from the main railway station about 3km – 55 minutes, or you can walk from the bus station Florenc about 2 km – 40 minutes).

If you choose a sightseeing tram ride, go to the Výstaviště Holešovice stop. If you choose to take the metro line red line “C”, go to the nearest stop Nádraží Holešovice – from there you can take one tram stop to Výstaviště Holešovice, or walk 10 minutes.

Information on timetables of the city of Prague: PID – PRAŽSKÁ INTEGROVANÁ DOPRAVA

Traveling around Prague

Uber, Liftago and Bolt together with regular taxi services, are a way to get around the city of Prague. The ordered car will arrive in a few minutes through the mobile phone application.

Transport during the nightí
Tram lines 93 and 94 are going through the Výstaviště Holešovice stop at night. If you are going to the bus or train station, then line 94 is the most suitable for you. It goes to Masaryk railway station, from which you can walk to both the train station or the bus station.

By car
Follow the navigation´s instructions HERE. The car can be parked in paid parking lots around the Výstaviště Praha Holešovice. On the map, you will find designated places for parking. Avoid parking on the streets – more precisely on the blue zones, which are reserved for city residents.

Transport by train / bus
All train connections stop at Prague’s Main Railway Station, but if your train goes through the “Praha-Holešovice” stop, you can get off here and walk to the Výstaviště Praha Holešovice (approx. 10 minutes) or take a tram (one stop).

Bus connections stopping in Prague’s Florenc and the main railway station have the advantage that they are located on the metro line “C”, so all you have to do is get on the metro and ride for a few stops to Nádraží Holešovice stop. So it depends only on you, from where and where you want to travel. FLIXBUS and STUDENT AGENCY stop both
at Florenc and at the Main railway station.

More information and schedules: IDOS.CZ


Parking is possible directly on the pair parking lot at Výstaviště Praha Holešovice.

40 minutes FREE
First hour 60 CZK
Another hour 60 CZK
All-day parking 300 CZK

Bus, trucks
30 minutes FREE
First hour 100 CZK
Another hour 100 CZK
All-day parking 600 CZK

The performance takes place in the area of the Výstaviště Praha Holešovice in the amphitheater of the Křižík’s Fountain. The address isVýstaviště 67, 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice

Map here.

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