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Monumental work of the Czech inventor František Křižík.

After more than 3 years, Křižík’s fountain will once again offer a spectacular spectacle to a wide audience!

In 1891, the people of Prague could ride the first electric railway from Letná to Stromovka, where the General Regional Exhibition was held. At that time, the most attention was attracted by the electrically lit fountain, which was built by the „Czech Edison“ František Křižík.

The current fountain is based on the reconstruction carried out exactly one hundred years later – in 1991 on the occasion of the General Czechoslovak Exhibition. In 19. century there were fifty colored reflectors on the bottom of the pool, later it enabled a magical play of lights on 1,300 different colored sources. The pool measuring 25 x 45 meters held 1,650 cubic meters of water, the water circuits (over two kilometers of pipes) with almost 3,000 nozzles were controlled by 49 pumps.


One hundred and thirty years ago, the light fountain became an every evening sensation of the exhibition at that time. One of the most remarkable buildings of the Prague Exhibition Center was one of the tempting attractions that the hundred-spired Prague offered to its visitors. An amphitheater for more than 6,000 spectators was created around the fountain

Although the fountain has been in a non-functional state since 2017, we managed to prepare technology in cooperation with Výstaviště Prague, which will bring this magical water feature to life again. Also new is a large podium built into the middle of the Fountain pool, which allows for the creation of a more complex work telling about the creation of the fountain itself and the story of its creator.

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After five years and reconstruction, the largest nozzle of the Křižík fountain located in the central part of this cultural monument will be visible. „It’s the most pompous part of the fountain, the spectators hold their breath when they see a more than thirty-meter stream of water lit up in different colors. We are happy that the water fountain has been put into operation. At the same time, we will pay tribute to him by creating new scenes that will enrich the performance,“ says the director of the performance, Marek Solnička.

magicka krizikova fontna pyroterra

Also watch a short documentary from the workshop, which will bring you closer to František Křižík’s life story and show why his life and work are a great inspiration for us.

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