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Unique props and arc lamps

The wonders of 19th century technology. century improved by modern progress.

For the thematic part of our performance, we produce props and replicas of period inventions that are inspired by a historical model. All props must be fully functional and must meet high demands for durability, practicality, and at the same time remind the audience sitting in the auditorium of period design.

Old meets future tech. In Prague.

To achieve all requirements, we use the most modern technologies and current procedures across disciplines. Most of the lighting and fire effects are controlled by a Czech platform developed by us, which contains microcomputers, special chips, radio protocol and software. We have been working on this development for more than 8 years and everything is created by the hands of our engineers, designers and programmers locally in the Czech Republic.

We replicate and improve the design of period inventions and props using modern super-luminous LED technology and precise 3D printing.

Our lighting and control system has already proven itself in practice at hundreds of world events and shows, for example the opening of the Eurovision song contest 2019 in Tel Aviv, or the spectacular Elēkrŏn show in Macau, China.

1. Arc lamps in the hands of dancers

magicka krizikova fontna pyroterra obloukova lampa

Arc Lamp

One of the well-known contributions of František Křižík is the improvement of the arc lamp, for which he won a gold medal at the international electrical exhibition in Paris in 1881.

The performance with the subtitle “František Křižík’s Dream” will bring historic “arches” specially adapted for dancers thanks to modern technologies.

magicka krizikova fontna pyroterra obloukova lampa
magicka krizikova fontana show v praze

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