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Experience breathtaking moments of high tension.

Have you ever heard of an invention called the Tesla Transformer?

It is a remarkable device that generates a voltage in the order of hundreds of thousands of volts, which whips electrical discharges of „lightning” into its surroundings.

Originally Nikola Tesla constructed this „revolutionary” device for the wireless transmission of electricity. This experiment in 19. century it didn’t achieve the intended purpose, yet we found an absolutely sensational use for it.

Music of a million volts.

Thanks to the frequency modulation of electricity, our brand new specimen can play musical tunes using thousands of electrical discharges freely whipping through the air. All this before the eyes and ears of the spectators at a safe distance.

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From the laboratory to stage that means the world.

Tesla transformer technology can be seen in several places in the Czech Republic. The largest one probably stands in the company’s research laboratory EHU in Prague Běchovicích. Another, several times smaller, but accessible to the public specimen, you can see and hear, for example, as part of the technology exhibition in liberecké IQ Landia.

For the performance of the Magic Fountain, we are developing a large Tesla transformer with Czech experts, which will be part of a theater/musical show in Europe for the very first time.

So we line up alongside the „daring” such as Metallica, who dared to use this dangerous but fascinating device in a live show.

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