Pyroterra presents


The Dream of František Křižík

"Miracles under the night sky."


"Effects from the future, the first time in Prague."


"Křižík's Fountain is open again!"



8th July 2021, 21:30


COVID-19 situation response

Dear spectators and fans of the Magical Fountain show. Regarding the unfortunate events all around the world, as well as unclear development of the situation, we are forced to postpone the premiere and the entire performance to the summer season of 2021. Dates are already set and you can buy your tickets on-line. We look forward to seeing you next year. Follow our website and social networks to get the latest news. If you purchased tickets for 2020, you will receive a voucher to choose a suitable date of the performance happening next year. Thank you for your support and understanding. Above all, we wish you good health.

An evening full of magical experiences

The never-seen-before combination of the element of fire, water, and light, brings the show to a whole new level of experience.

The breathtaking atmosphere will draw you into the action to let you literally feel the destroying power of fire and the life-giving energy of electricity.


from birth of F. Křižík


in front of your eyes


from origin of the venue


in a unique show

underwater lights

lighting up the stage


high flame effects

About the show

The light dancing fountain is re-vived by a spectacular show by company Pyroterra.

Let's experience the grandiose open-air performance which combines contemporary art with a monumental technological venue.

This live-action show tells the story inspired by the Czech inventor himself using many advanced stage effects including a projection on water or music played live by the electric discharges from the real tesla coil in front of your eyes.

Experience the story of the fountain.

Show of mesmerizing effects

Unusual combination of traditional and modern arts during one magical evening. 



Fire tribe summoning the storm with a ritual fire show. Feel the power of huge flames and pyro-fx.


Singing Tesla coil

Literally electrifying experience. Live music played loud and clear by 1,000,000V electric discharges.



Digital LED-light effects and futuristic costumes of electric fairies lighting up the entire venue. 

Futuristic effects

Original technology from our own production brings the audience a unique experience.

Křík's light fountain

Monumental creation from the 19th century creates a breathtaking atmosphere by colorful water jets.

Interactive projection dance

Touching dance choreography in the interaction with the projection on the water on the stage.

and much more...

Technological revolution

The story inspired by a vision and
the events of the Czech Inventor.

Mr. Křižík, the visionary technican was born in the year of 1847. He founded the very first city electric plant in our country. The light fountain is one of his great creations which brings him an immortal glory



Let us take you to a journey back in time to witness the first human technology and the evolution of humankind itself. From the first fire up to the steam engine and new element of electricity. Fight between fire and electricity and its huge influence on the creation of Křižík's Fountain in the middle of Prague.

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Magical Fountain

The Dream of František Křižík.
A spectacular show which lights up Prague.